I have 4 virtual passive income properties or 4 active websites.

Only one site Site1 has domain history and its content dated more than one year. There are 195 pages with products in Google index and 360 pages are still excluded.
3 others websites were just started in March and there is no traffic with very first 3-5 pages already added in Google index.

I have about 300 domain names on my name. Most of domain names are in zone dot com.


1. Side income March 2022: +39.00€

  • Affiliate Revenue: 0
  • Product Sales: 0
  • AdSense: 0
    • Site1[key niche=domaining]: +4
    • Site2[key niche=fishkeeping]:0
    • Site3[key niche=marathons]:0
    • Site4 [site=keyniches.com]: not activated

2. Expenses in March 2022: -135.00€

Net Profit in March 2022: -96.00€

March 2022 Takeaways:

TRAFFIC: I just started with 4 WebSites in March. On current step there is no direct or search traffic on my new WebSites. Site1 has small direct traffic (about 20-30 per day) but it's not possible to monetize it.
Site1, Site2 and Site3 were approved for AdSense on their start with maximum 5-6 posts on each one. Site4 has no content and was rejected. It's logical.

Overal approval time in Google AdSense is about 2 weeks.

2. TRAFFIC for March 2022

There is no direct or organic search traffic on new websites.


3. Tasks Completed in March 2022

  • Added 4 affiliate programs
  • Blog Posts: 1
  • Guest Posts: 0
  • Updates to current content: 0
  • Link building: 0
  • Keyword Rankings: 0

MY Plans for April 2022:

  • Publish 5 new posts and 5 guest posts on Site1
  • Publish 5 new posts and 5 guest posts on Site2
  • Publish 5 new posts and 5 guest posts on Site3
  • Publish 5 new posts and 5 guest posts on Site4