It was a special month of my journey. I didn't do anything for my projects, but I read and listened a lot from bloggers and influencers in the development of well-paying niche sites. Someone could say that I was procrastinating all along, but I wasn't. 
I did several niche researches and added a new one to my portfolio. I launched a new site on one of my aged domains and scheduled to publish three informational posts a week of at least 1,500 words each. I will not add any advertisements on this site for the next 6 months (there is well known "Google sandbox"  for any new websites in the search arena). My new niche site lies in the world of recruiting and recruiters. 
Oke. Now it's time for numbers.

1. SIDE INCOME APRIL 2022: +40.00€

  • Affiliate Revenue: 0
  • Product Sales: 0
  • AdSense: 0
    • Site1[key niche=domaining]: +5€
    • Site2[key niche=fishkeeping]:0
    • Site3[key niche=marathons]:0.5
    • Site4 []: not activated
    • Site5 [key niche=recruitment]

2. EXPENSES IN MARCH 2022: -135.00€

  • Website Hosting Siteground-35.00€
  • Lifetime License for ClosersCopy: -100.00€
    From now on I own Lifetime License for the best of AI writing tool!

NET PROFIT IN MARCH 2022: -95.00€ 

AI content writing tool Closers Copy

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